Pensioners and Beneficiaries in RA Provinces․ 1st half of 2019

When making an article called “Economy and Society in RA Provinces,” Ampop Media separated statistical data on pensioners and beneficiaries.

According to those data, the number of pensioners in RA provinces has grown. The number of pensioners has most increased in Kotayk province by 2.2%. According to the RA Statistical Committee, as of July 1, 2019, the number of pensioners made 465.199 including pensioners limited by employment, military service or other laws.

63% of pensioners live in the regions.

The amount for average pension in Armenia makes 40.519 drams (about US$ 85). But only pensioners in Yerevan and Syunik get more than the mentioned indicator. In other regions the average amount for pension varies from 37.000 (more than US$ 77) – 39.000 (more than US$ 81) drams.

As regards beneficiaries, their number decreased in the first half of 2019.

63.912 people get family benefits, 88.6% out of which are from provinces.

The right for family benefits have the insecure families with members under 18 years old. Beneficiaries getting family benefits make a huge amount especially in Shirak province – 10.183 family. Kotayk province has almost the same number of residents but beneficiaries make 6086 families. According to the statistical data, the number of beneficiaries in Lori province has decreased by 33% making 9020 families.

However, Lori region is the leader among the families getting social benefit. The Insecure families having no member under 18 years old are eligible for social benefits.

About 4900 citizens get quarterly urgent assistance. This kind of benefit is given to those families getting either family or social benefit with insecure limit above 0, and which are demanding urgent solution to difficult situation (emergency situations and short-term financial problems).

Socio-Economic indicators of provinces may be compared below.

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This article is part of a series entitled “Economy and Society in the Regions of RA”

Translated by Mary Grigoryan

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First Published: 11/11/2019