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About Ampop.am

Ampop.am or Ampop Media is a media initiative launched in October 2016. This is the first data-reporting platform in Armenia in the genre of explanatory journalism and data visualization that covers key and widely discussed topics in Armenia and throughout the world.

Ampop.am covers key topics on social-economic, political situations, elections, as well as health, education, human right and etc. A relevant format is chosen to cover each topic by combining data visualization, infographics and multimedia tools.

The website gives its reader a chance to save time and to study the topic that is interested in a few minutes. It becomes possible by using both the traditional and innovative journalistic approaches. And dozens of hyperlinks to additional sources used in the stories of Ampop.am provide an opportunity to dig more and more on the topic-related issues.


During its four-year activity, Ampop Media was handed 8 awards on various topics.

in 2019

During #Tvapatum19 media award organized by Media Initiative Center, Ampop Media was recognized as the winner in “Re-information. Best Coverage of Reforms” category for her journalistic study entitled “Community Consolidation Reforms in Armenia”.  Ampop media took the winning award  also in the contest of the investigative journalistic works with the topic “Women in the Labor Market, discover the obstacles”. The contest was handed by “OxyGen” Foundation for protection of Youth and Women Rights.

in 2018 

On 28 September, 2018 Ampop Media won 2 awards at once on the International Day for Access to Information. During “Golden key and Rusty lock” annual contest Ampop.am won the award “Golden key” for consistently covering the issues of information freedom.

“Ampop.am applies to the state administration bodies with hundreds of polls, and what is more, gets not only that information, but also presents it in the shape of infographics and very accessible numbers to the public and works wonderfully to cover the information of the Government of Armenia to the public in an accessible way,” said Shushan Doydoyan, President of the Freedom of Information Center while handing the award.

During “Tvapatum – 2018: stories about changes” journalism contest Ampop.am won the award “Reinformation: The best coverage of reforms”.

in 2017

On 29, September during “Tvapatum” journalism annual contest organized by “Media Initiatives Center” (MIC) Ampop.am data journalism  platform was recognized as winner in the nomination of “Best use of Media 3.0 technology” getting a statuette and monetary reward. It was awarded for the best coverage of the community issues at the pre-election stage of Yerevan Council of the Elders.

“This was the only nomination that all the  jury members had the same opinion while handing the award “There is only one winner as his work is “a head” higher than the work of other nominees,’’ said Manana Aslamazyan, a former member of the Russian Broadcasting Union, former director of “Internews” in Russia.

Winner awards were handed also for the best stories on migrationlabor law and trafficking.

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Ampop.am is owned and operated by the Journalists For the Future (JFF) NGO jointly with the Ampop Media (AM) initiative. The website is made possible in cooperation with the Armenian Branch of Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES). Over a-year period, this project was supported also by the US Embassy in Armenia and the OSCE Office in Yerevan. From November 2018 it was supported by the Black Sea Trust, a Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. The views and opinions expressed in this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of donor organizations, any agency or company cooperating with AM or JFF.