Unemployment and Wages in RA Provinces. 1st half of 2019

“Ampop Media” has studied the socio-economic indicators of RA provinces in the first half of 2019, compared them with the first half of the previous year and made a report entitled “Economy and Society in RA Provinces” which includes comparative infographics of regions.

The multimedia tool enables the reader to put together the infographics of two neighboring provinces side by side and compare the indicators of both two different provinces and each province on their own.

Taking into account the abundance of data, “Ampop Media” presents analysis of sectoral indicators in separate articles.

When refering to unemployment and average wages, it should be noted that according to statistics, the total number of unemployment in RA has decreased in the first half of this year in comparison with the first half of 2018, yet in Lori and Armavir it has increased. The average wage in Lori has decreased, too. In the first half of 2019, 63400 unemployment were registered in Armenia, 21% out of which are 16-29 years old. The number of registered unemployment has mostly decreased in Kotayk by 19.8%.

The largest decrease in the registered young unemployment in the regions has been noticed in Tavush province: it became 23.4% or 973 people in comparison with the same period of 2018.

By the tendency of decrease, Tavush is proceeded by the provinces of Shirak (18.8%) and Kotayk (16.4%).

The figure of average monthly wage in provinces is of great interest. It is a well known fact that the highest salary is in Syunik province due to mining. Moreover, in the first half of this year it has again increased by 19% reaching 245.000 drams (about US$ 513). But one should note that birthrate has decreased by 9% in this region (Demographic issues in RA provinces).

All in all increase of average wages is noted in all the provinces of Armenia: the highest in Ararat (35%) and Tavush (24%). Lori province is the only exception, where the average wage has decreased by 7% making 111.000 drams (more than US$ 232). But the lowest average wages are in Shirak – 105.000 drams (about US$ 220) and in Aragatsotn – 106.600 drams (US$ 223).

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This article is part of a series entitled “Economy and Society in the Regions of RA”

Translated by Mary Grigoryan

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First Published: 08/11/2019