March 9-15. Security Councils’ Session in Stepanakert

Accusation against members of Restart students group, Kocharyan's arrest was prolonged, Customs privilege was granted, Dismantling of Cafes in Yerevan

Security Councils’  joint session of RA and NKR in Stepanakert

The Security Councils of Armenia and Nagorno -Karabakh (also known as Artsakh ) held a joint session in Stepanakert on 12 March, during which RA PM Nikol Pashinyan emphasized some important points on the negotiations of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He mentioned that Nagorno -Karabakh should return to the negotiation table stating that it is a matter of legitimacy. Pashinyan’s statement is grounded by that fact that the people of Nagorno -Karabakh did not elect the Prime Minister of Armenia, hence he has no legitimacy to represent the people of Nagorno -Karabakh.

Touching upon the last statement of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, where 3 principles were noted – nations’ self-determination, territorial integrity and non-use of force, Pashinyan said that there should be real conditions for the efficient negotiation process. He suggested to talking about the explanation and the clarification of these principles. Pashinyan also talked about the peoples preparation for peace emphasizing that it is possible only with joint efforts of the governments involved in the negotiations.

RA Public Television and Radio Company President Position is Vacant

On March 3, the term of office of the President of the Public Television and Radio Company (PTRC) Ruben Jaghinyan, in this position since 2013, ended. The competition for filling the vacant position was announced on 11 March. The names of the candidates are not released yet. 84 year aged Nara Shlepchyan, who is the senior member of the council, will substitute for Jaghinyan.

The position of Public Radio Executive Director is still vacant, too. Though the results of the competition were planned to be released on 11 March, some additional time was required to study all applications, as 30 candidates applied for the position. The publication of final results was postponed for 20 days.

Cafes near Liberty Square in Yerevan are dismantled

The situation was tense at Liberty Square this week. Since March 13, the Municipality has started the dismantling of cafes located near the Liberty Square to restore the green space. The first day of dismantling was accompanied by protests of cafe owners and employees. Scuffle broke out between police officers and a group of citizens and as a result some people got injured. According to different media outlets, 20-41 people were detained on that day. A video where a police officer beat one of the demonstrators during the clash was spread through the social media. Later, the police informed that this police officer were fired.

According to Yerevan municipality’s spokesman Hakob Karapetyan, three months ago, on 13 December, 2018, the municipality sent notices to five businessmen, telling them their leases would expire in 30 days. On February 13, notifications were sent to the court for the release of the territory. According to Karapetyan, the municipality has started dismantling works since March 13, as the owners made no steps. Owners of cafes claim that these actions violate the rights of economic entities.

Legislative drafts were adopted

On 14 March, the amendments to the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On public service” were adopted by the second reading during the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of Armenia. By this draft it is suggested to prolong the deadline for submitting the property and income declarations of officials and change the declaration mechanism from 2020.

Kocharyan’s arrest was prolonged

The Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction satisfied the second motion submitted by the Special Investigative Service and ruled to prolong the arrest of Robert Kocharyan, Second President of RA. The Former President Kocharyan is charged with violating Armenia’s constitutional system in the period of the March 1-2, 2008 post-electoral turmoil. He is also charged for obtaining bribe-taking.

Accusation against 2 members of students group

Davit Petrosyan and Davit Simonyan, members of Restart students group are facing imprisonment for a term of two to five years. The accusation against the above-mentioned members of the Restart initiative changed and the criminal case of “hooliganism” initiated by the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Armenia changed last week. At current, the above-mentioned citizens are charged with the first point of  Article 131 (2) of the Criminal Code – kidnapped by a group of people with prior agreement.

Customs privilege was granted to 3 companies

During the sitting on 14 March the government granted tax privilege to 3 companies which will make great investments and open new jobs in different communities of Armenia. In particular, “Nicola International Armenia” LLC, which is engaged in olive production in Kotayk,  plans to open 30-40 new jobs, “RIBEK” LLC , which is dealing with light industry in Charentsavan,  will open 50 new jobs. “Efarvi Marsik” CJSC in “Mets Marsik” Cummunity of the Gegharkunik Region will build solar electrosystem and provide 4 people with 500.000amd salary.

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Translated by Mary Grigoryan

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First Published: 18/03/2019