March 16-22. Criminal case against newspaper. Yerevan budget grown

Press conference of prime minister. Citizen day in April. Accusation against former deputy chief of police

Criminal Case against “Zhoghovurd” daily

RA Special Investigation Service (SIS) filed a criminal case on “March 1, 2008” case with the basis of disclosure of data containing secrets of the preliminary investigation. The criminal case is about the article of “Zhoghovurd” daily published on March 16, 2018 where some excerpts from the testimony of former president Serzh Sargsyan were released regarding the 2008 deadly post-election crackdown. The latter was RA Prime Minister that time.

On March 15, the day before the publication, the SIS shared a statement which assured that there was a leak of information on the case. The SIS warned the media that disclosure of data containing secrets of the preliminary investigation could lead to criminal liability. The chief editor of  “Zhoghovurd” newspaper Knar Manukyan claims the SIS is putting pressure on the media and assures that they will continue publishing data of testimony.

PM Pashinyan held about four and a half hours press conference

During the press-conference on March 19, PM Nikol Pashinyan stated in his introductory remarks that there are currently US $2.7 billion-worth nearly 90 investment projects at least being discussed with the Government of the Republic of Armenia. 42 out these projects to a total cost of US $774 million are actually being implemented. During the press conference Pashinyan touched upon a lot of questions voiced by journalists, including the participation of family members during his official visits, the “March 1” case, the necessity of constitutional changes in the country and other issues. In response to a journalist’s question, what should a citizen do to participate in the economic revolution, Pashinyan replied: “We were expecting political activism from citizens to carry out a political revolution, and now we are expecting economic activism to carry out an economic revolution.”

Citizen Day in April

The Government approved the draft law by which the last Saturday of April will be celebrated as Citizen Day in Armenia. If the last Saturday of April will coincide with April 24 (Armenian Genocide remembrance day), that year Citizen Day will be celebrated on the last Sunday of April instead. “It is dedicated to the victory of a non-violent, velvet, popular revolution in Armenia from April to May of 2018,” Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page. “This day should not be the day of victory of the Government, but it should be the day of victory of the citizens and democracy, and should become a truly national holiday, such a holiday as the revolution itself.” 

Accusation Against Former Deputy Chief of the Armenian Police

Armenia’s Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case against the former deputy chief of Police, commander of RA Police forces Levon Yeranosyan for conducting operations which obviously exceeded his official duties and significantly breached legal rights and interests of citizens. According to the charge Levon Yeranosyan used 4 “Zarya” flash bang grenades towards the demonstrators during the mass protest in Yerevan on April 16 and 22, 2018. As a result more than two dozens of  citizens got  grave and medium bodily injury. Six officers of RA Police Forces also received bodily injury performing their duties.

In support of Iranian Human Rights Lawyer

Armenian human rights activists, on 19 March held a protest in front of the Iranian embassy in Yerevan to support Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and called for Iranian Authorities to release her. Nasrin Sotoudeh is sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes by the Revolutionary Court in Tehranin this march.

She was arrested in June, 2018. She is charged for spying, spreading propaganda, insulting Iran’s supreme leader, defending the activists who refused to wear the veil.

Alabama State Recognized Armenian Genocide

Alabama has become the 49th US State recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Only the State of Mississippi has not recognized this crime yet. Anyhow the recognition of the Genocide by all the states separately does not mean that the USA recognizes the Armenian Genocide as one united country.

Yerevan budget to grow by 10 billion AMD ( about US  $20,5 mln)

Yerevan budget has been amended and supplemented by 10 billion AMD. The budget will be submitted for the City Council’s discussion at the extraordinary session on 22 March. Some money will be addressed to kindergartens. The authors of the budget document assure that salaries of kindergarten employees will grow by 20%. About 1 billion AMD (about US $ 2,000) will be addressed for this purpose.  400 million AMD (about US $825,000 ) will be addressed to the opening of new groups for 1000 children.

About 500 million AMD (around US $1 million) is envisaged for  the renovation of streets and pedestrian crossings. Some money will be addressed to the restoration of wood territory, installation of irrigation network, new metro station and rope way projecting works and so on. Yerevan Municipality will create green zones in Victory Park by the lenght of Myasnikyan Avenue this spring.

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First Published: 26/03/2019