April 20-26. First Liver Transplantation in Armenia

Free Access to Culture

On April 19, the Ministry of Education and Science initiated a system called E-CULT. This is a subscription system which helps schoolchildren and teachers to register, book their tickets through the system and attend any cultural event 3 times a year for free. The National Gallery, museums, theaters and concert halls are in the list of cultural institutions.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science presented the first-graders online registration platform –, which will start operating from May 15. The registration of first-year students for the next 2019-2020, will only be electronically. The aim of such a change is to eliminate corruption risks during registration. This year the program will operate only in Yerevan, then in the regions as well.

Former RA MP not extradited from Russia yet

Former MP of National Assembly Mihran Poghosyan, accused of abuse of power and theft of property on a large scale, will not be extradited to the Republic of Armenia, yet. On April 22 former head of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service, Major General Poghosyan found and detained in the Russian Republic of Karelia petitioned to Russian authorities with a request for political asylum. In order to discuss the matter of his extradition, the Russian Federation Court granted the petition by the RF Prosecutor’s Office for taking Mihran Poghosyan into custody for 40 days.

Trump acting like Obama

The USA President Donald Trump, as in the messages of April 24  in the past two years, this year did not pronounce the word “genocide” either. “Today, we commemorate the Meds Yeghern and honor the memory of those who suffered in one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century,” runs Trump’s statement on the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Discussions on Cement on the agenda of NA

Disagreements around the bill on State Fee establishing for the imported Iranian cement became a reason for creating a working group in the NA’s economic affairs standing committee. ″Prosperous Armenia″ faction stated that would not participate in the discussions of the working group (the faction voted against the draft law). In his turn, chairman of the committee Babken Tunyan stated that before passing to the second reading of the bill, the suggested amendments to promote local production will be discussed with independent economists.

First Liver Transplantation performed in Armenia

The most discussed topic in the healthcare sector was the unique operation, during which a portion of the daughter’s liver was given to mother. This is the first living donor liver transplantation carried out in Armenia. At the Government sitting of April 25, the Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan in reference with liver and kidney transplantation noted that next year a certain amount of money will be allocated from the state budget on this purpose. At the Government sitting the Minister positively assessed the free medical aid program for patients with acute ischemic stroke. The program initiated from February 1. During these 3 months 85 patients suffering from brain acute ischemic stroke received free medical care. They could not save 12 patients’ lives.

From the Government weekly agenda

At the sitting of April 25, the Government decided to register state property electronically. The property’s location, condition, purpose significance, value and information about the user will be noted. The decision will come into use on the 60th day after the document’s official publication.

The Government decided to allocate additional 347.5 mln AMD to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The money will be directed to embassies. The need for additional money arose because the new ambassadors are exercising diplomats and they are not as rich as the former ones to cover their expenses. Formerly a number of appointments to the post of heads of diplomatic missions abroad were made not from the MFA system and some of them refused public money and used their own funds.

The Government also approved the Business Environment Improvement action plan for 2019. The planned activities will reduce the scope of administrative interaction with central and local authorities and increase transparency in service providers’ activities.

From Orphanages to Families and Not the Opposite

On April 27, a trilateral memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministries of Labor and Social Affairs and Health and “Bari Mama” NGO to reduce the number of children in orphanages. This is how the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs initiates the change of his policy in this sector, i.e. to bring back children from orphanages to families and prevent the process of handing over children to orphanages because of social, psychological or other problems. For this purpose, the Ministry will expand social assistance programs and the Ministry of Health in association with “Bari Mama” NGO will train healthcare providers who will help parents.

“Bari Mama” NGO states that during five years of its activity it has managed to bring out 107 children from orphanages, giving them a chance to live in a family.

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First Published: 02/05/2019