A Special Publication on Healthcare Issues in Armenia

The “Healthcare in Armenia: Quality, Access, Affordability” special issue published by Ampop Media is an attempt to clearly and graphically represent the situation that exists in the healthcare system of the Republic of Armenia.

This publication became possible due to the partnership between “Journalists for the Future” NGO and Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

We were curious in revealing how effective the state’s healthcare policy is, especially after the large-scale upheavals because of COVID-19 pandemic and the second NK war in 2020. What are the lessons the Government learned and what are the reforms initiated to overcome the entrenched problems as promptly as possible and get ready to respond to new challenges.

In this context, it was also important to understand the level of access and affordability of medical services for the country’s population, particularly among the special groups and people in need.

We tried to fit the answers within the scope of two dozen stories, which include about 70 infographics and charts in the Armenian publication. Meanwhile, we translated 10 of the stories, those we thought would be interesting for the international audience as well, for the English version of the issue.

In almost all the stories, experts of the field have shared their observations and suggestions which, according to them, need to be implemented to make the system more affordable and effective.

We sincerely hope that it will be useful to all those who are interested in contributing to the formation of healthy society in Armenia.

Suren Deheryan
Ampop Media founder-editor

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First Published: 10/02/2023