The Work with Public Relations Specialists Goes on

“Journalists for the Future” NGO continues to contribute public relations (PR) specialists of state departments to form and deepen skills while dealing with data. Another workshop on “Data Literacy” was held on May 25-26.

This time, there were participants from the Government, the Investigative Committee, the Police, the Audit Chamber, the Supreme Judicial Council, the State Revenue Committee, the Public Relations and Information Center SNCO (State Non-Commercial Organization) and representatives of Ministries of Education and Science (MES) and Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The workshop is a part of 6 months lasting program. It is implemented by “Journalists for the Future” NGO with the financial assistance of the US Embassy in Armenia under the Democracy Commission Small Grants program.

The two days of the training were full of theoretical and practical work, discussions, exchange of opinions.

Results of the work done with the first group were represented to the participants. Then Participants were introduced to data sorting, developing, grouping, comparing and analysis. They tried to make infographics in practice.

Welcoming remarks were made by project coordinator of “Journalists for the Future” NGO Karine Darbinyan, U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Robert Anderson and Director of ″Public Relations and Information Center” SNCO Hovhannes Movsisyan.

In her welcoming speech Darbinyan particularly mentioned, “The aim of this program is to establish strong and healthy bond between the public and the newly formed government. At current we also continue working with participants of the first group, who get consulting support. So, when the workshop is over, we are ready to share our skills, knowledge and experience with you, too.”

According to U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Rob Anderson, data literacy and visualization is of great importance nowadays. “I think this is a great opportunity for PR specialist, who can get skills  when dealing with data. is making a great job in this sphere,” said Rob Anderson expressing hope that it would be continuous.

In his speech head of “Public Relations and Information Center” SNCO Hovhannes Movsisyan thanked “Journalists for the Future” NGO for the idea and implementation of the program as well as the US Embassy for support.

According to Hovhannes Movsisyan, reactions of the previous group prove that the program is really effective. “I also appreciate the consistency shown after the workshop. The fact that participants get additional knowledge and advice after the workshop is the first case in my practice. The fact that most of representatives of the ministries are already using the skills and knowledge gained during the workshop is commendable,” said Movsisyan.

At the end of the training participants shared their impressions. Senior Specialist at the Supreme Court’s Press and Public Relations Service Varduhi Petrosyan welcomed the fact that all sides of the Government may participate in the training. According to her, the task of specialists of the Press and Public Relations Service of any department is to provide the public with more accessible and transparent information.

“Our service, being faithful to the Council’s principle which is to work transparently, takes steps to provide the public with more systematic and clear information. I think the use of such tools is very important in our work,” said Petrosyan, expressing willingness to share the acquired skills with her colleagues.

Economic service specialist at ″Public Relations and Information Center” SNCO Ani Hunanyan, also engaged in research activities, is ready to use the tools learnt during the workshop.

“I am sure these skills will help to provide information easily and more accessible. I also stress the importance of personal data protection tools presentation. I myself will use them as each of them is necessary,” noted Ani Hunanyan.

MFA Media and Public Diplomacy Department advisor Anna Arzumanyan said that format of the workshop was new and effective. What is more, she is going to share the gained knowledge with her colleagues. “If there are such events again, I will participate with pleasure,” said Anna Arzumanyan.

MES Public Relations and Information Department Chief Specialist Heghine Hovhannisyan thinks that statistical data of the department may be presented by the tools provided during the training, moreover, that format will be more interesting and accessible.

“If there is such a training in the future, I would like to participate for sure. I’d prefer to get more information on the promotion of social pages as I run the social pages of my office. Besides, I would like to get skills on the usage of visual aids, ” said Heghine Hovhannisyan.

Translated by Mary Grigoryan

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First Published: 29/05/2019