February 16-22. Local Elections. Hunger Strike. Accusation against Sedrak Kocharyan and so on

Local Elections

On 17 February Local elections were held in 24 communities. In 11 communities new leaders were elected and in 8 communities – the current community leaders were re-elected. In 5 communities acting community leaders were elected. In general, 65 candidates participated in the elections of 24 communities. 11 candidates were party members. Only two out of the seven candidates of the rulling ”Civil contract” party were elected.

It is noteworthy the fact that in 2 communities those candidates were electeted who resigned as a result of the residents’ request. One of them is Rafik Andreasyan who has been the leader of  Urtsadzor community of Aragatsotn region since 1999. In October 2018, he resigned, but in the elections he was re-nominated and got 917 votes, more with 216 votes from his opponent.

The same situation is in Vardanashen community of Armavir region. The former community leader, member of the Republican party Artur Manukyan was re-elected. He got 53% of the whole votes. Some of the community residents dissatisfied with the results of the election, made protest actions, again.

Company prolonged the employment contracts

”Armenian Copper Programme” CJSC, which is a part of ”Vallex  Group”, is the owner of Alaverdi Copper Smelter. The company prolonged the employment contracts of its employees. It means, that the factory employees will get salary for march-april months, too. The company representatives state, that negotiations with the RA government are being held to resume the company’s activities. Employees of the Copper Smelter made protest actions last week.

The factory actovities were stopped in October, 2018 after the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources did a fine to the company. The copper smelting plant is pledged at ”VTB” bank, which ”Vallex” group owes more than USD 300 mln $.

Accusation against Sedrak Kocharyan

NSS states, that Sedrak Kocharyan, son of Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan is charged with money laundering and tax evasion. The report contains details of fraudulent deals of several million dollars and the cases to avoid tax obligations.

Alexander Sargsyan transferred US $30 mln to the State budget

Alexander Sargsyan, brother of the RA third president Serzh Sargsyan, transferred US $ 18,5 mln amid investigation. As Director of NSS of RA Artur Vanetsyan states, besides the money, Sargsyan also paid about US $ 11.5 mln on the basis of tax liabilities, abuses and other acts.

Film director stopped the hunger strike

Film director Hovhannes Galstyan stopped the hunger strike on the 21st day. He says he did it as a result of the discussions with the Minister of Education and Science. The previous day he made a post on Facebook saying that there were only two ways to stop the hunger strike. In the first case the state should admit that it is illegal to stop the film funding and should resume its responibilities. In the second case, according to him, the public should support to find the needed money for the shooting of the film. Freedom fighter Mher Mazmanyan joined the film director and hold hunger strike together with him. On the 15th day of the hunger strike RA Minister of Education and Science Araik Harutyunyan visited him and urged to stop the hunger strike. The film director started the hunger strike on the first days of February, when he learnt that the new charter adopted by the National Cinema Center does not allow to fund the film ”My Gramdma’s Hair.”

Abuses  at YSU

General Department on Combating Organized Crime informs that a number of abuses and corruption cases were revealed at YSU. In particular, they inform about 18 employees of the University who actually did not come to work in different months of 2015-2018yy, yet ″they got″ about 18 mln amd salary. The Police also found out that in 2008 – 2012, the lease payment for rent in the territory of YSU was partially transferred to the University account. As a result AMD 9.2 mln  were defalcated.

Rector of YSU, Aram Simonyan announces that this is a political persecution and these actions are directed towards him. Aram Simonyan does not admit his accusations saying that they are fake. The proceedings are sent to the Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.

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Translated by Mary Grigoryan

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First Published: 27/02/2019